Awesome Rule for Keeping Your Relationship Strong and Healthy

We have learned one simple rule that everyone should follow to make a long-lasting and healthy relationship. It was shared by a young couple whose love story began when they were both babies.
The parents of Aviyah and Yonaton Atkin were close friends, and their mothers’ pregnancies overlapped. Shortly after giving birth, the mothers introduced their babies. Little Aviyah and Yonaton liked each other so much that these young people got married 20 years later!
“We started carpooling together in fifth grade, and I totally had a crush on him,“ Aviyah says. ”But I didn’t really do anything about it because, you know, it’s that age — you like boys, but at the same time they are annoying." By sixth grade, however, Aviyah had started to find love notes from Yonaton in her locker at school. This innocent crush transformed into real love by seventh grade, and the two have been together ever since.
It was September, 2013, and the young couple was busy preparing for Sukkot holiday. Then, suddenly, Yonaton asked his girlfriend to look into the distance. There was a large sign with a message that said, "Aviyah, will you marry me?" At first, Aviyah didn’t believe it was real, but when she turned around Yonaton was on his knee with the ring out. She almost fainted.
Soon after their wedding, Aviyah discovered she was pregnant. For Yonaton and his wife, the birth of their son was both a great joy and a huge challenge. "We’re both new at this, and we make our mistakes. There’s been some pressuring times, but I think our common goal of wanting the absolute best for our baby is what gets us through it as a team," the young mom says.

Yonaton and Aviyah are always trying to follow one simple rule:

Never go to bed when you’re angry with each other.

This piece of advice may be as old as time, but it is as relevant to a loving relationship as a white T-shirt is to your wardrobe — it never goes out of style. Try going to bed only after you have discussed your problems. This rule is what has kept Aviyah and Yonaton’s relationship healthy over the years. If you follow it, you’ll learn to solve your problems together rather than ignore them or fight over them. Talking things out with your loved one will help you better understand each other’s thoughts and feelings and strengthen your relationship. Of course, sometimes it’s much easier to pretend that nothing is happening, but most of the time such a strategy can only lead to even worse results. Problems will always exist, but solving them together is much easier.
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